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In addition the gallery always has in stock a range of antique prints, hand coloured etchings and pencil drawings in a wide price range. Local Artists work is also available. We also offer a bespoke framing service. Please feel free to drop in without obligation – the work on view changes frequently so it is worth calling in to see new work.

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When people think about art galleries, they imagine the massive halls of the Louvre Museum in Paris or the vast corridors of the New York Art Gallery. Few individuals, however, envisage the small art galleries located just as much in metropolises as they are in small towns. These exhibitions are perfect for a Sunday afternoon date with your escort. Most of them are hosted in bars, old buildings or community centers, so you always have something extra to do or to talk about. Here are a few reasons why visiting a smaller art gallery is better than wondering the hallways of a famous museum:

Small art exhibits cost less

Contrary to large institutions, most art galleries practice low admission fees, and some of them even let you in for free. This method allows them to gather a wider audience and to promote their services to a bigger group of people. So, if you have spent all your money on escorts, you can take your favorite girl from the Escort Directory to a low-cost date that includes a few hours spent in a tiny, but free art exhibit.

Support small business

Small art gallery owners do this job more out of passion, and less for the profit. They take great pleasure in promoting young and upcoming artists. If one of the painters that they host becomes famous, they can be proud of being the launching pad for their success. If you want to support the small businesses in your community, visit the local art gallery. The money spent here will not bring you the same satisfaction that hot escorts from usually do, but at least you can say that you have made your contribution to society.

Finance upcoming artists

Young painters need just as much support as future escorts do. It is hard for a young artist to gain notoriety and money with its first few exhibits if nobody buys them. When you find a talented art maker, and you believe in his future success, do not hesitate to finance his efforts. One day, you will be well compensated for contributing to his fame and money. Also, even if you don’t have the money to purchase his works of art, at least you can visit the small art gallery that showcases them, and pay the admission fee.

Create an emotional bond with your escort

When you visit a small art gallery, you are bound to see a collection of paintings and sculptures that vary in value and glamor. Some of them may amuse you, while others might bore you. Nevertheless, now and then you will stumble upon a beautiful masterpiece that will shake your emotions on the spot. This is an experience that you better not live on your own. So, take an escort that you can find on with you every time you visit a small art exhibit.

See the famous painters of tomorrow

Most people that wander into an art gallery together with their escorts have no idea about the artisans showcased there. It might come as a surprise for them, many years later when one of the artists they have admired is now an extremely valuable world superstar. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to buy a painting from an artist that might be unknown today, but who can become tomorrow’s next Picasso.